Big Brother Nigeria contestant disqualified after he s@xual harassed female contestant


Big Brother Nigeria has been rocked by controversy after one of its contestants allegedly touched another “inappropriately”.

Contestant Kemen Ekerette was disqualified from the show on Sunday after he was accused of touching female contestant T-Boss inappropriately while she was sleeping.kemen

The incident took place on Saturday night and it wasn’t long before a video of the alleged incident was shared on social media.

Among those who expressed outrage was former Big Brother Mzansi contestant Lexi Van Niekerk.

MultiChoice Nigeria said that Kemen’s actions were inappropriate and serious.

“M-Net and the show producers Endemol Shine Africa, are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all housemates in the Big Brother house at all times.

We view the actions of Kemen as inappropriate behavior, and as such we considered this in a very serious light and will continue to take necessary disciplinary action against housemates who break the rules of conduct in the Big Brother house,” the statement read.

One of the show’s main sponsors, Payporte, also released a statement condemning the incident.

“PayPorte is strongly against sexual harassment and perversion and we strongly condemn Kemen’s actions. We believe individuals whether under the influence of alcohol or being sober, should have high morals. We will be taking a decisive action on this,” the statement read.