Back with a BANG – Emily Kachote is the new face of Jan-Jam Ladies wear


Fired Miss World Zimbabwe Emily Kachote is the new face of Jan-Jam Ladies’ wear outlet which was opened last week. The launch saw fashionistas, diplomats, designers and celebrities attending while at the same time enjoying the gifts and some of the freebies they got from the store to celebrate the new line. The event ran under the theme “Go Glam”, opening a new chapter for the fashion powerhouse that previously concentrated on men’s wear.

In an interview, Kachote said she was happy to be the face of the brand. “I am a young lady who is very much in touch with looks and appearances for they play a part in the creation and upkeep of desired, right or lasting impressions. “Be good at what you are passionate about and success will definitely follow. Being part of Jan-Jam women’s collection is an amazing feeling because that is what I am passionate about,” she said.

emily kachote

She said fashion in Zimbabwe is still in its premature stages in comparisons with the global world. “Jan-Jam made a name for themselves in the men’s wear fashion circles. I hope to learn and grow with them,” she said. Jan-Jam’s chief executive officer Cynthia Bizure-Sithole said she was happy with how the support from the corporate world.

“Only the first 30 lucky customers received gifts. “We chose to run with the theme ‘Go Glam’, because just like how men have been embracing the men’s shop, we want women to have a feel of their own closet,” she said. Sithole said the ladies wear was long overdue as the demand was high.

“I have dressed a lot of celebrities, diplomats and fashionistas but it was high time we catered for the women side as you know behind every successful men there is a beautiful and strong woman. We are catering from classic to ‘swag’- urban culture women’s wear,” she said.

She said the range is from jewellery, handbags, hats, shoes, clothes to lingeries. “It is a one-stop shop as everything is under one roof. I am planning to open another branch in January. “I am still thinking of venturing into kids’ range so that the whole family can shop under one roof,” she said.

The business woman said she buys her stuff from China, Turkey and Italy. “I now have good relations with shops abroad thus they tell me what’s in-store, what’s trendy and I order. “What you see Kim Kardshian wearing or Usher donning at the red carpet can now be found in our local shops,” she said.

Sithole said she owes her success to God. “I am in no competition with anyone but God guides us for the best. The fashion industry is a hard life as you don’t only need to follow trends but to keep abreast,” she said. She said they are set to take part in the international fashion show range and workshop scheduled for January where reputable designers participate.