Artistes in highway safety campaign


The National Blood Service ambassadors Bob Nyabinde and Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave will lead people in Highway Safety Campaign that takes place at Junction 24 along Harare-Chitungwiza highway on Saturday.

The campaign will begin with a march from St Mary’s Police Station to Junction 24 in the morning ahead of a festival that will feature various artists at the outdoor venue.

Versatile artiste Kessia Magosha is set to lead a host of youthful performers that are set to support the NBS ambassador in the safety campaign. The campaign is being held under the theme “Drink Responsibly, Drive Responsibly, Live Responsibly” and organisers said it would focus on various issues related to safe driving on highways.

Junction 24 director Tavepi Madzingira said: “We are mainly targeting operators of public transport companies as we encourage safety on highways. We are heading towards the festive season and we want to take the opportunity to educate people on the dangers of recklessness on highways,” said Madzingira.

“We know that public holidays, especially the festive season, record high numbers of accidents on highways and we hope this campaign will assist us in educating drivers and other road users to exercise caution on highways.”

A number of speakers from various authorities linked to road safety will impart information to participants at the event. Nyabinde and Fungisai will perform at an after-party of the campaign that will also include a meat festival where participants will interact, have fun and braai to end the event on an entertainment note.