Another Warning to MEN who get P#NANI from Avenues in Harare


Another Warning to MEN who get Punani from Avenues in Harare. We posted an article here warning all men who poke women in the Avenues Area in Harare and today we have a follow up to that story. We spoke to a HOOKER named Mercy who operates in Fife Avenue and she was complaining that since now the streets are packed with more women selling their thighs, business has been very low.

And for that reason, they resort to stealing from men because its very difficult to get clients these days. We asked her how she steals and she reluctantly told us that she has a special something that she puts in her client’s drinks and they pass out. She said she would disappear with the clients cellphone and wallet and change to another area. We asked her where she takes her clients for the punani action and she said she always operates in dark places in the clients car, that way they is easy get away when she steals from them.


So lastly we asked her, ¬†“it seems you are more of a thief that a thigh vendor or hure?” She laughed and said: “Hakuna hure risiri mbavha, kutengesa mbutu ikoko kuba saka ndingazotya kuba here nhasi. I am actually afraid of getting caught only, nothing more…” She said this with a smile….

We are not sure how true she was or she was just passing time while scouting for her next punani buyer…. But she gave a stern Warning: All Men who want PUNANI in the AVENUES MUST be careful!