Angel Feathers Dropping in Chivhu for almost 1 year now


A pastor based in Chivhu, Petros Chatikobo who is founder of the United Body Church (UBC) has said that he is receiving feathers of angels at his church and this happening has been witnessed for almost a year now.

He told The Mirror in an interview last week that the feathers are just falling down from the roof of the building where they conduct their church services at Tswande gardens at Chivhu hotel.

He showed The Mirror some feathers which he said belonged to angels and they dropped from the roof of the church.
He said that the feathers dropped from the roof when they pray at the church and added that the happening was a manifestation of the power of God. He said he was collecting the feathers.Pastor Chatikobo

He also said he has powers to cast away the spirits of Satan and they were many hovering over Chivhu and Chikomba.
“Since we established the Ministry, we managed to deliver countless souls from the spirit of Satanism. These powers are being manifested in the falling of the angels’ feathers.

“Some of those that we have been freed from the bad spirits are school children and teachers whom I cannot name,” said Chatikobo.

He said his church once faced rejection and victimisation from some members of the community who were failing to understand his miracles and accused him of being a Satanist.

“However, as time went on, they began to understand ad right now they are accepting me as a true man of God,” said Chatikobo.

He however, said his Ministry is still facing financial problems for it to attract larger crowds. Last week, about 300 people marched along the streets celebrating a year of existence of UBC.

Chatikobo said he has established the UBC Institute of Ministries, now with 18 students, which focuses on training Sunday school teachers church leaders and pastors.

Source: The Mirror