Andy Muridzo-Bev was a huge mistake


Rising star Andy Muridzo has conceded that his decision to go toe to toe with controversial dancer Beverly “Bev” Sibanda after she publicly claimed she was carrying his child was ill-advised.

After the Se_xy Angels’ leader shocked the nation with the news at the end of January, the Dherira hit-maker’s initial reaction was to apologise to his wife and fans for having what he described as a “short-lived” affair with Bev while at the same time rebutting forcefully the controversial dancer’s claims.

But this only prodded Bev into making even more damaging claims that made the Uzumba-born artiste, who earned the unflattering moniker Yekedero as a consequence of Bev’s claim that the two artistes indulged in unprotected se_x, the butt of jokes on social media.Andy-Muridzo-1

The controversial dancer, who further claimed that she gave Muridzo money to look after his family, threatened to expose more dirt if the Chidhafu Dhudha hit-maker continued to attack her in public.

After licking his wounds for several weeks- a period that appears to have allowed him to introspect- Muridzo now admits that he came second best in the slanging match with feisty Bev.

“I agree that it was unwise for me to trade accusations with her (Bev). After realising my mistake, I chose to remain quiet about the issue because of the the nature of the person (Bev) I was dealing with,” he told the Daily News on Sunday.

Muridzo added that he had learnt the hard way and that he would be a better person as a result.

“I paid the price for failing to realise that I am now a public figure and that this position comes with responsibilities. My wife got to know about the Bev affair last year and she forgave me.

“My wife was very forgiving as she already knew about my ill-fated relationship with Bev before newspapers wrote about it but public in general was less lenient.

“I have learnt my lessons now. I now realise that as a public figure with fans that look up to me, I should stay away from unnecessary controversy; I should try my best to be a good role model.

“More importantly, I should not engage in extra marital relationships because they generate more regrets than benefits,” Muridzo said.

Though Muridzo still believes that Bev is not pregnant, he said he would not shirk his fatherly responsibilities if the controversial dancer is indeed telling the truth.

“If she is pregnant for sure then it’s fine because the child shall be delivered and we will take it up from there,” he said.

The Dherira singer’s apparent unwillingness to talk about the Bev saga appears not to have stopped him from penning songs on the ordeal. He has recorded two songs Ndiregei and Vachabvaruka Makumbo which many fans have linked to the Bev affair.

Part of the song Vachabvaruka Makumbo goes: “Vamwe vakandiona vanonditi baba Keketso vamwe vachiti yeke yeke (a clear reference to the nickname Yekedero which he got for allegedly doing unprotected se_x with Bev).

When the Daily News on Sunday sought Muridzo’s comment on the song, he was evasive.

“A good song should have many meanings. It should suit everyone’s interpretation depending on his or her situation.Vachabvaruka Makumbo like other songs has many meanings,” he said.

The Jeetaz Band leader, who is now part of Jah Prayzah’s Military Touch Movement, also denied that he was referring to Bev in the song Ndiregei which is on se_x-starved elderly women who prey on young men.

“I wrote the song way back before the Bev affair but it is up to music fans to interpret it the way they like since good songs should evoke several interpretations,” Muridzo said.