Ammara Brown’s manager to feature in new television series


Renowned music manager Tsungi Zvobgo is set to make her debut on television when she features in upcoming television series, “Hurombo”.

The firebrand manager who made her name in local showbiz when she managed the late mbira virtuoso Chiwoniso Maraire and afrojazz artiste Victor Kunonga, is currently managing Ammara Brown.Tsungi-Zvobgo

Zvobgo spoke of her new venture describing it as an exciting prospect.

Her job as Ammara’s handler opened up the opportunity for her.

“Invision Studios had previously cast Ammara Brown in their 2015 movie called ‘Far From Yesterday’. They had my contact details from that time.

“Last year when they were casting for ‘Humambo’ they stumbled across my WhatsApp profile picture and felt I had the look they needed for one of their main characters. They contacted me and asked me to come in for a screen test and the rest is history,” she said.

Although she could not provide the finer details of her role, she said the character is a far cry from her normal persona.

“I’m not really allowed to give much away at this point. But what I can say is that I play a very mysterious and intriguing character.

“She’s strong and powerful and has a history that is so very different from my own. She is an important character in an intensely rich story and I hope I can do the role justice.”

Responding to whether her new role will affect her schedule in managing Ammara who is one of the busiest artistes in the country at the moment, she said:

“I have more than one career. I’m a corporate communications professional and an artistes’ manager amongst other things. Like most people, I’m a multifaceted individual.

“This is a newfound hobby I am enjoying very much and it’s just one of the many experiences I hope to have in my life. Life is about juggling time for the things you need or love to do the most.”

The series, housed under Invision Studios also features popular showbiz figures like Chido Musasiwa and music producer Begotten Sun.

It follows an increasing production of television series which has seen the Zemura brothers Shem and Mike rise to prominence through their productions “Muzita Rababa” and “Muchaneta”.