AMERICAN Singer Trey Songz grew up in a struggling household


Popular singer Trey Songz told Daily Sun he grew up in a struggling household.

“But I was never aware of it. There was just so much love around. It gave me a strong foundation,” he said.

“Until I was seven we lived in Virginia, but then we moved around a lot in America. I went to eight schools before I was 15 years old,” he said.

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“My mother was a single parent. Most of the time my father was absent but I had a strong support system.”

He said as a child he didn’t know what he wanted to be.

“I loved to paint, draw and play basketball. As much as I liked singing I didn’t see it as a possible career,” he said.

But he always had music in him. He started recording and studying music and participating in talent shows when he was 14.

Since then, Trey, born Tremaine Neverson, has worked at being the best musician he can be and music has served him well.

The Say Aah hitmaker has worked with artists like the legendary Aretha Franklin, Nicki Minaj, J Cole and Kelly Rowland. Trey has been a professional musician for 10 years.

He said he wouldn’t change anything about his journey so far. His most exciting moment was to be on stage with his hero, Jay-Z.

His most embarrassing moment was when a woman pulled his pants down to his knees while he was performing.

“I managed to get my trousers back up before anything was revealed,” he said, laughing.

It is no secret that 30-year-old Trey, or Trigga as he is known, is popular with the ladies. He said he prefers strong women.

“Strong-minded and strong-hearted women are the backbone of the world. We need more women to be passionate about what’s in their minds and hearts,” he said.

Trey, who was visiting Mzansi last month with his family, said success is something you choose.

“It doesn’t happen by accident. You have the choice of making success come into your life,” he said.

-Daily Sun