Alick Macheso denies involvement in SATANISM


Sungura King Alick Macheso said his ‘popular’ gestures on most of his pictures are a sign of love to his fans and not linked to Satanism.

Macheso usually poses for photos with three of his fingers (thumb, forefinger and little finger) up and that sign has been linked to worshiping the Devil.

Macheso, however, mocked at the claims and claimed that the sign, according to him, stands for “I LOVE YOU”.

“We have heard people saying it’s sign of Satanism but no we don’t do that (worshiping the Devil). What we do is music and music only. To us, it means I Love You. As a group, Orchestra Mberikwazvo, we are saying We Love You, vamwe voti hee ndeye Satanism. We are not into that,” said Macheso who once grabbed headlines after it was revealed that his Waterfalls house was protected by 20 dogs! yes 20 dogs.

cheso power

The sungura kingpin said there are moments he cannot get the chance to exchange words with his fans and he chooses to use sign language.

“Even people who are mute can use that sign and they will be just saying ‘I Love You’,” he said.