AKA speaks about ‘fighting’ for his romance in surprise love song


South African rapper AKA yesterday released a surprise love song titled Caiphus Song, just days after announcing his break up and make up with television beau Bonang.

Last Friday, Super Mega, as AKA is known, shocked his fans as he announced on social media site Twitter that he and Bonang had broken up.

Bonang and AKA

Two days later, the couple seemed to have kissed and made up after AKA sent Bonang a Gucci bag as a present to her workplace.

The television star shared the moment on her Instagram fan page.

AKA said the song was special to him as it talks about what he is going through.

It was also composed in honour of musical legend Caiphus Semenya who inspired AKA through his song – Matswale.

“This song is very close to my heart. It’s about fighting for a future with the one you love. I decided to call it Caiphus Song to honour Caiphus because of his song Matswale.

Matswale which captures what I’m going through inspired me to compose this track at this particular point in my life and relationship,” said AKA.

Matswale is a song by Semenya about a man asking his parents to intervene because his marriage is falling apart.

He admits that he wronged his wife and wants to reconcile with her as he does not want his kids to grow up like orphans.

AKA’s surprise release of the Caiphus Song now dovetails with his hit single The World Is Yours.

The music video for The World Is Yours was shot during AKA and Bonang Matheba’s vacation in Thailand and is well on its way to reaching one million views.

Said AKA’s manager – Raphael Benza of the Vth Season: “This is a beautiful love song and one of AKA’s most personal songs yet. Each line speaks volumes about his love and relationship.

“AKA’s musicality and ability to create a song like this may surprise some, but when I heard this for the first time, I went crazy. I was so excited. We at Vth Season believe it’ll resonate with all ages. This is the new age wedding song of note.”

Shortly after AKA released Caiphus Song on social media, his fans started sharing their sentiments about the song’s unique artwork.

Okmalumkoolkat who designed the song’s cover said: “When AKA sent me the track, I instantly got ideas around ‘real love’ and wedding vibes and that’s the direction we decided to take.

The song is also part of this whole Afro-futurism wave that I believe me and Supa Mega are part of consciously or unconsciously, it’s all there in our music.