Agrippa Mutambara – “Mugabe is a monster that we created, You find them saying munhu wese Kuna amai , amai vani?”


The Zimbabwe People First Zim PF president ambassador Agrippa Mutambara urged opposition party leaders to unite and fight the reigning president Robert Mugabe.

Speaking at the MDC Alliance ceremony at Zimbabwean grounds in Highfield Harare on Saturday Mutambara labelled Mr Mugabe as a monster that they created.


“As opposition leaders we should unite and fight the monster that we created (Mugabe).

“This monster can only be defeated by a unified force so Zim PF is so much behind president Morgan Tsvangirai as he has been in the game for a very long time.”

Mutambara also expressed disgust on the first lady’s ambitions in ruling.

Zimbabwe is not for Mugabe and his wife it is for us all but his barbaric wife thinks otherwise.

“You find them saying munhu wese Kuna amai , amai vani? This looming election we have put heads together and we strongly condemn the privatisation of Zimbabwe.

We are very sorry for the years we wasted with the monster it is high time we correct our mistakes ,”said Mutambara.

Meanwhile, six other political parties rendered their support giving solidarity messages though many anticipated to see Joice Mujuru who was not present saying she was not invited.