A Tokoloshe is POKING my wife, I hear noises


At first 48 year Edward Ngobeni thought it was a rat, but then it began to sound like a man walking on his roof.

When the father of four looked, there was no one. But footsteps and bad luck have plagued the family for 10 years in Chiawelo, Soweto.

“When my mother went to sleep she was fine but in the morning she was dead,” Edward said.

He lost his job, all his cars crashed and his business failed.

Still the roof walker kept on: clunk, clunk, clunk!

Edward said sangomas all said a tokoloshe was destroying his life.

“I’ve been to about 40 sangomas. They ate my money and told me the same story – but couldn’t help.”

Then three sangomas he saw about seven months ago gave him a bigger shock. They said the tokoloshe was sleeping with his wife: poke, poke, poke!

That made sense, said Edward. For the past seven years she has always been tired. “She didn’t want me. I suspected she was cheating!”

He said sangomas and prophets gave him isiwasho and impepho. “But no siwasho or mpepho is good enough to remove this roof walker.”

He pleads with Readers for help. His 42 year old wife, Thembisile Ngobeni , said the evil thing has nearly ruined her marriage.

“I can’t meet my husband’s needs.”

Sangoma Jabulani Mthimkhulu said the roof walker may be someone who died in their house long ago and whose spirit was never cleansed.

“They need a powerful sangoma who knows how to deal with such things or they won’t find peace.”

Source – Daily Sun