4 Legged CHICK IS A GIFT FROM GOD – Man says


South Africa – SPHAMANDLA Gwala was a happy man when a chicken he got from his brother two months ago hatched a batch of chicks.

But now, residents of Mfongosi at Umlazi’s E section in KZN won’t leave him alone.

This is because one of the chicks was found with not two, but four, legs!

Some say it’s an evil curse, but Sphamandla (31) feels it’s a blessing from God.

“I have never seen such a thing in my life. It was among other chicks when I noticed something dangling from its behind,” said Sphamandla.

“When I looked closely, I saw it had two normal legs and two extra ones.”

4 legged chick

The chick with four legs has become the talk of ikasi with residents having mixed feelings about its survival.

“People have been taking turns coming to see the chick. Some come with their stories claiming it was created by evil spirits but I don’t listen to them as I believe it’s my gift from God,” said Sphamandla. “I just fear that if I keep it here it won’t survive. I want officials from the SPCA to keep it safe as I’m curious about how it will look when it’s bigger.”

Sphamandla’s brother, Sifiso Mngoma (43), said: “We think it will bring us luck!”

Neighbour Melizwe Makhathini (33) said they have learnt to love and accept the chick.

“We believe it needs special care. Such things also happen to humans so there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

Durban and Coast SPCA spokeswoman Lindsey Fogarty said the chick’s condition could have been caused by a genetic deformity. “We will send an inspector to investigate. If we find something wrong with it, we will put it down humanely,” she said.