19 year old man CAUGHT eating nephew’s private parts


A teenager from Bulawayo has appeared in court for allegedly forcing her nine-year-old nephew to eat her private parts and later gave him R11 to buy his silence.

Shupikayi Mudzinganyama, 19, of Magwegwe North suburb appeared before magistrate Mark Dzira facing five counts of aggravated indecency.

She pleaded not guilty.

Mudzinganyama told the court yesterday that the boy was being influenced by her aunt to frame her.

“I deny all the allegations levelled against me. I never made the boy to lick my privates nor did I suck his manhood. It’s my aunt, Sandisiwe Dube who persuaded the boy to come up with these allegations. She has
never liked me and we don’t get along. At one point she even assaulted me and I was forced to move out of the house,” said Mudzinganyama.

She said her sister who is in South Africa informed her of the allegations.

‘When my sister from SA came there was a family meeting where this issue was discussed. During the meeting they tried forcing me to admit that I abused the boy and that I should apologise but I refused,’ she said.

Mudzinganyama said it was then that the case was reported to the police leading to her arrest.

The boy who cannot be named for legal reasons on Friday told the court that Mudzinganyama abused him each time he came from school.

“Each time I came home from school, Shupikayi would say she would like us to engage in mischief. She would ask me to remove my clothes and she would remove hers as well. While naked she would ask me to lick her privates and she would in turn suck mine,” said the boy.

He said he was given R5 on the first occasion in order not to tell anyone and R2 on three different occasions that they engaged in the “mischief”.

The matter came to light when Mudzinganyama was allegedly caught in the act with the boy by Dube.

“I found Shupikayi lying on her back with her legs open and her top rolled up in the sitting room. The boy’s belt was unfastened and he was between her legs.They were both licking each other and from the looks of it, showed it wasn’t their first time. When I entered, they both panicked and the boy just stared at me,” said Dube.

Source -Chronicle