11-man arrested for ‘gang rape’ 22 year-old Zimbabwean woman in South Africa


Police have arrested 11 Tanzanians who allegedly gang-raped a 22 year-old Zimbabwean woman in South Africa while she was coming from work recently.

Zimbabwe Consul-General in South Africa Mr Batiraishe Mukonoweshuro yesterday said the suspects have since appeared in court following the alleged rape in Johannesburg.arrested

“They have been arrested and taken to court. They appeared in court on May 16 and will appear again on June 20 at the Johannesburg Regional Court,” said Mr Mukonoweshuro.

He said it was a relief that the suspects had been arrested.

Mr Mukonoweshuro said the rape victim was left in a traumatic state.

“She is still traumatised and we decided to wait a bit for now. At least we are happy that her attackers have been arrested. We will try to give her time and at some point we will re-engage her,” he said.

Names of the suspects were not immediately available.

The woman who cannot be named for ethical reasons was s#xually violated while coming from work.

She is said to have been attacked by the 11 Tanzanians between midnight and the early hours of the day as she headed home.

Mr Mukonoweshuro urged Zimbabweans to be cautious in the neighbouring country.

He said sexual violence among other crimes was rife in Johannesburg.

South Africa has one of the highest rape statistics on the continent with reports suggesting that a woman or girl child is s#xually violated every 26 seconds.

In 2015, two white South African men filmed themselves gang raping a Zimbabwean woman who had approached them seeking employment as a domestic worker.

The video sparked a public outcry resulting in the two rapists being arrested.

On October 17, 2015, a gang of eight men armed with a gun and a knife attacked two couples who were taking a stroll at Rhodes Park in Kensington, South Africa.

The gang drowned the men in a nearby dam, used a knife to cut off the panties of both women and raped them.

The gang stole the couples’ clothes, jewellery and a cell phone which they sold for R320.

Three of the gang members were found guilty of robbery, two counts of rape and two counts of murder and were each sentenced to four life sentences.

The remaining five suspects who are believed to be foreigners are suspected to be hiding in Zimbabwe. One of the suspects was arrested last year in Zimbabwe where he had committed another crime.

He is expected to be extradited.