10 BIGGEST Mistakes women make DURING S-E-X


Women often crib about s-e-x and things her man does wrong in the bed, how her man isn’t quite measuring up to her needs and wants. So we thought it’s time we tell her the most common mistakes that she makes when poking.

Do you also make these bedroom errors?

Worrying too much about how you look
When men get into the act, they no more worry about how they look. But, women being women want to play perfect at all times. God forbid if there is a mirror in the room, it is sure to attract her attention more than the real act. Let loose! Enjoy the act. No one is secretly shooting you for the next edition of Playboy Magazine.

Playing the submissive one
Well, men wooing women sounds really good but is it necessary to take it all down to the bed everytime? Most women want their men to s-educe them, touch them, and be creative enough to keep their interest going. And it does not end there. If the man tries venturing into creative zones, she plays the part of the boss who decides what will be done and what will not be. Learn to play out of your comfort zone ladies! After all s-e-x is an act that involves two lovers!

Trying to talk after the act
OK! So the man is ripped of his energy pleasing you in the bed and now you want him to talk. Really? Let the poor man breath for a bit. And especially if you want to bring up issues about the household, grudges or plain career talk. Let him rest for some time before you suck him into the nuances of your daily banter.

Don’t smash their egos
You didn’t like the way his fingers moved down on you or you didn’t like the way he minced your nipplez between his teeth, well, try and be subtle ladies. Don’t make him feel like he is not doing anything right. Guidance is fine but don’t crush his ego while doing the same. Be soft and suggest, he will surely adhere. Much against what women think, s-e-x is a pretty serious thing for men, not just a casual thing.

Go down! Please
While you love it when he goes down on you but when he wants the same, you look for ways to escape that. Any man can’t resist a good job down there. In fact most men complain that their women resist blowing their privates. Do him a favour. For all the hard work that he puts in to please you in the bed, let him enjoy a good blowing¬†session too.

10 mistakes women make